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Organic and organic based kelp products

We grow organic kelp

That means the kelp is planted in an area that’s far from harbors and ship traffic that would contaminate it. The kelp we use is endemic to where we grow so we’re not spreading invasive species that will harm the “E”cosystem later.

We sell our kelp as a food

Kelp is rich in iodine, potassium, vitamins and electrolytes like sodium. It’s sweetness comes from a naturally occurring form of manitol, a sugar that is not easily absorbed by the intestines (keeps blood sugar low).  Also contains carotenoid pigments that are natural anti-oxidants. Buy it dry online or wet if you live in Maine or New Hampshire. Also check out our special jerky preparation. Try our dry kelp as an electrolyte additive to your morning tea or coffee.

We process our waste into fertilizer

We take our kelp waste (low grade fronds, ends removed before drying or processing) and turn them into a high potency liquid kelp fertilizer. Available in 32 oz, 2 gal and larger quantities locally, or for sale on the web by the 12 oz and 32 oz. It contains more than just potassium. The same nutrients you get by eating kelp are available to plants through our fertilizer, including calcium, magnesium, boron and sulphur. Use it as a soil additive or foliar spray.

Organic Certified Products

Our kelp is certified by the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association to meet US EPA Organic standards. Our fertilizer is certified by the Organic Methods Research Institute for organic gardening.

We are all about Permaculture

Permaculture is a land (and sea) management system that takes your whole “e”cosystem into account. By thinking about your whole ecosystem you take into account where your raw materials came from, where your product is headed and where your waste is going. By making the little “e” as efficient as possible we can help the “E”cosystem to persist and take care of us.

Maine grown kelp

We are a proud minority owned business located in Maine. The water is cold, clean and clear. The farm is located near Acadia National Park on the North end of Isle au Haut.


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